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The classes, programs, and continuing education courses listed below are eligible for barter. These include undergraduate and graduate courses. The subject areas are Naturopathy, Naturopathic Medicine, Healthcare Informatics, Nursing, Forensics, Age Progression, and Professional Speaking. The tuition and fees (not the cost of books and supplies) are eligible for trade. Currently, TradeBank barter club and direct trades are accepted. Other trade club currencies may be accepted from time to time. You will not pay Canyon College your tuition payment.

You may click on the link to the left to obtain more details. When you determine your desired programs and classes, email for barter payment arrangements. Do not discuss barter arrangements with Canyon College.

You will receive barter credit for each new student. The new student must make his/her (barter and/or cash) payment in full. The students must list you in the comment/referral section of their application.

You will receive your transcripts from Johnson and Associates. US and non-US students are accepted.

If you want to receive your transcripts from Canyon College, approximately 50-100% of your payment will be in cash. Canyon College is an accredited online higher education institution.

NR, NH, CJ, and JC = Class
NUR = Certificate Program
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If you do not see the course you desire, you may request Johnson and Associates to develop the course.

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